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Introducing Serenity - Maximize your SR&ED credits

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Serenity is a simple utility that offers the potential for larger R&D tax credit in less time, with defensible data for audit purposes. It is based on 15 years of experience supporting SR&ED consultants with the data needed for R&D Tax credits submissions.

While at a previous SaaS business, Alon Sabi as CTO and Chris Wilson as CEO worked closely with local SR&ED consultants who helped manage the submission of tax credit claims amounting to millions of dollars.

Chris said, “Our goal was always to improve our customer experience with a focus on innovation. SR&ED tax credits along with IRAP grant funding was vital to the support and growth of our technology initiatives.”

In every business, it is critical that the right value of research and development tax credits are claimed and that innovation as part of a business process is not missed.

“We spent a lot of time reviewing development work, gathering time and preparing for a tax audit.” said Alon.

Hence the founding of Scientifically Advanced Business Intelligence Inc. (, the makers of Serenity, the utility for capturing real-time data on your R&D investments. The product integrates with Jira and Shortcut software development tools to surface critical data, including time allocations and establishing the cost of software R&D.

At a high level Serenity provide 3 main benefits:

  • Serenity automates the creation of timesheets for the development team

  • It provides simple, actionable insights and development metrics

  • Provides real time SR&ED project data with drill downs to details

The utility bolts onto your current system without interfering with any current processes. Set up takes less than 30 minutes to configure. Simple!

“We wanted to make something that would be seamless to the team while allowing key decision makers to identify opportunities and maximize the R&D tax credits.” said Alon. “automating time sheets was simply an additional benefit. I mean who likes timesheets?”

Chris closed the discussion with, “We have always been passionate about technology, innovation and creating tools that improve productivity and entrepreneurial wealth. We are excited to be sharing this through our new gig, Serenity by SABI.”

Serenity is now in public beta and offered free of charge.

Check us out at or call Chris directly at 604.727.2522

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